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Our and Creation Process

Around 90% of discarded Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ends up destroyed or in landfill. We hardly need to tell you that’s a bad thing. 

AFTER:WORK’s mission? To give new life to as much of it as we can.

The unfortunate thing about PPE is that it’s mostly made out of non-renewable materials like polyester and polycotton. That’s what makes it so difficult and costly to recycle, and why it so often gets thrown away. 

We can’t change that fact (yet), but we can use it to our advantage. Because the PPE materials are so sturdy and resistant, every bit of AFTER:WORK gear is super functional and durable. It has years of life to give. 

Read more about our process of creation:

#1 Sourcing Materials

All of AFTER:WORK’s materials were at one time destined for landfill, or fiery death by incinerator. We save them from this sad fate to repurpose them into accessories that light up the streets.

#2 Design

We like to think outside the box. All those reflective strips, zips and pockets you see on hi-vis vests and jackets? They’re cleverly integrated into our bags and accessories as slick design elements.

#3 Production

Every piece of AFTER:WORK gear is handmade with care. We also work with social enterprises like HEBA and Making for Change to empower women in the production process.

#4 Marketing

AFTER:WORK accessories speak for themselves. So we work to act ethically and sustainably in everything we do, including our marketing efforts.

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